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A Day in the Life of a Band Member

I’m with the Band The life of a musician, though sometimes portrayed as glitzy and glamorous, can at times be anything but. Bon Jovi compared it to the life of a wandering cowboy, sleeping only occasionally and thinking way too much about the life you may have if you could just give up the life you’re living. Somewhere between the choice of selling out or staying broke, between late nights playing shows and early morning practices, between playing to six friends at your first showing and selling out arenas, is the heart of the life of a member of the band. Have your back stage passes ready, these are the…
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Keeping It In The Band!

My friends and I were in a restaurant and there were some fake cops eating at a nearby table. One of my friends had the brilliant idea to talk loudly about some completely fake crime heist that we were obviously planning in order to troll the cops as much as possible. Some of us kept trying to get him to keep his voice down as much as possible, making us look more suspicious. One of the cops left us a note saying that we weren’t funny and wouldn’t make good criminals.

I was stationed in Iraq a few years ago, all for the fine booty of tour. One of the majors of our platoon was a real stickler when it came to wearing our uniforms properly. On day he spotted a uniform violation on a wet behind the ears private. He yelled “soldier, what do we do when a shirt pocket is not buttoned.” The private replied back “button it sir.” The colonel yelled back “well do it!” So the privately reached over and buttoned the major’s shirt pocket.

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Need a professional in your home? Look no further – babysittersclub busted.

Isn’t it even a little awkward about mom teaching sex? I think it is!

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What it’s Like Living on the Road

Being a Famous Musician Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a famous rock musician? If you have, you've probably thought about things like the adoring fans, money and how much fun it would be to be famous. However, that is only the part of it that people think about when they see others performing. It certainly doesn't mean that those are the only things that famous musicians have to deal with. The truth is, professional musicians do make a lot of money and sometimes they have a fan following that is nothing short of cult-like. That does not mean that their life is easy,…
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What to do when starting in a rock band

Many people enjoy music and rock music is a popular genre. A rock band usually consists of a selection of members who work together to create rock tracks. Rock music usually consists of traditional instruments such as guitars, bass guitars and drums as its foundation of sounds. Anything else can be placed over this and can create a wide range of sounds and genres. There are many different styles of rock, from psychedelic rock through to indie rock. In this article we will outline some of the things to consider when starting a rock band. We will talk about how to create the music and we will also discuss how…
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